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Baldati Hiking Club was founded in 2003, more then 1700 hikers joined and visited 188 villages and locations.

Recommended Attire/equipment:

Clothing: Comfortable Shirt/Pants


Comfortable Hiking Boots and good socks.

Food and Water:

Munchies: High-calorie quick-burn energy food - dried fruit, candy, fruitcake, small sandwiches, nuts, cookies…

Water: At least 2 liters in leak-proof, shatterproof bottles.

Other Gear:

Backpack/Sunglasses /Sunscreen /Personal first aid kit/Camera


Price list Plan: see more

- Bank AUDI (all branches) "Baldati" Account: 696217

- Cash in the BUS


Insurance details:

Hikers are required to provide their own insurance details



- Online

- By SMS (Name/Meeting point/Number of Persons)


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Latest news

RIP albert , the last hiking trip was in baadaran
Dear Albert it was the first time and only time we met in baadaran hiking with the moukhtar and rita , we loved your stories and your lovely family , from all our heart and in the name of all baldati members and the hikers of Baldati we pray for your soul to rest in peace.

New regular Hiking Fees 2010

Dear Hikers

All through the years since 2002, we have walked together, had fun together, lived Lebanon together and we are proud to announce to you that until now we have travelled together more than 3574 Km for more than 300 hiking trips and 6400 hikers have walked with us!

Birthday in full nature
 Sun, January 3, 2010
 Kfarhabou one of the calmest and most peaceful villages of North Lebanon.

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