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Jabal el Cheikh...
Hiking in a Village | June 16, 2009 at 09:44 AM

Jabal el Cheikh...

Jabal el Cheikh…

A trip organized as mentioned on only for wou7ouch Baldati…

What can I say!

I’ve waited this day for so long. How can I describe it? My senses and my feelings are so contradictory.

Did I enjoy it? Did I like the rocky & dead sceneries going up the mountain? Did I like the snow & green areas while going down to Rachaya?

Jabal el Cheikh is a trip that brings together all nature factors, all hidden feelings, and all physical actions.

I even heard someone tired saying that seeing the sunset & than the stars made her appreciate the day more and more.

Jabal el Cheikh, in one expression, is a wonderful tiring hiking experience of no end trips.

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