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Hiking in a Village | November 16, 2009 at 05:35 PM

' Hey we must keep the place clean. Adonis is watching us '
I heard someone walking behind me saying this by laughing yesterday.
 Colorful nature, awesome trails and breathtaking views were the main characteristics of yesterday's hike from Yahchouch to Janneh in which Baldati hikers walked easily a distance of 10.2 km. With joy and laughter they spent their day exploring the area.
 Was Adonis watching them ?
 We want to thank Mr. Chady Ghajar for being our guide.
 Keep hiking !
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Sarita Salameh wrote on
looking at the pictures i'm a bit jealous :) thanks Missak for always sharing the hiking thrill with all of Baldati members!
Pascale El Dib wrote on
nice article Missak...
yes we should keep all the places clean,, not only in yahchouch.. we should work to do it...

we want to thank chady and the manager issam
Pascale El Dib wrote on
Sarita ,, oui tu as rate la visite d'une formidable zone... une tres belle nature ,,,
Missak Barsamian wrote on
Dear friends, thank you for your comments ;)
Missak Barsamian wrote on
Here are some GPS 'waypoints' explorable with GOOGLE EARTH:

- Hiking start point:
N 34 04 31.44
E 35 46 10.14

- Our lunch break in the ruins:
N 34 04 26.82
E 35 48 25.62

- St. John church (some hikers bought vegetables here):
N 34 04 43.98
E 35 50 00.42

- Finish (The bus):
N 34 04 39.96
E 35 49 32.34