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New regular Hiking Fees 2010
Hiking in a Village | January 13, 2010 at 12:04 PM

New regular Hiking Fees 2010


Dear Hikers

All through the years since 2002, we have walked together, had fun together, lived Lebanon together and we are proud to announce to you that until now we have travelled together more than 3574 Km for more than 300 hiking trips and 6400 hikers have walked with us!

Baldati hiking club has and is still serving Baldati ultimate aim that is to meet and gather responsible people to strive together for sustainable development of our communities.

For the past years, Baldati hiking club has strived to keep prices competitive and is still committed to offer the best service with a Non-profit background.

All though 2009, we have kept our prices between the lowest prices among the Lebanese market, despite the rise of diesel prices, the quality of buses you requested, the risks of booking cancellation we faced many times and all other related office expenses.

For the New year 2010, and to still be able to carry on with the services we provide with the same quality that we always maintain to offer, Baldati proposes to share the additional incurred cost and will raise hiking prices to 30,000 LBP for regular hikers and to 25,000 LBP for card holders.

In addition, Baldati team is working on enhancing the membership card benefits but this is still a surprise under preparation!

Members will have always the priority to participate to , workshops, trainings,and special events.

Knowing that Baldati Hiking Club is considered one of the sustainable programs on Baldati that one day will be able to contribute in  the runing cost of our projects ,and whenever the hiking club generates profits , it goes to support non funded projects on such as equipments, human resourses , administrative costs.


Thank you for your understanding and support ,wishing you an adventurous 2010 year with Baldati.



Best regards

Sarita Salameh

Baldati Programs

Elissar, Baldati bldg,Grnd. floor, Metn, Lebanon

Tel/Fax: +961 (4) 922 999 - Cel: +961 (3) 08 78 54

Web: E-mail:



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