Bank Of beirut - Tannourine (2 participants)
Type: Hiking Trip

Starts on: Sunday May 30 2010

From: 07:30 AM-06:30 PM

Departure at 07:30 AM

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Our destination will be to Tannourine Cedars forest Nature Reserve where we will have magnificent walk in the reserve of Tannourine between our National Trees in addition to a visit to the majestic Balou3 Balaa!



Trip Information

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Kindly check Baldati Hiking Club "Terms & Conditions" which you have to sign before taking the bus or pullman and go hiking with Baldati.


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Tannourine Cedars forest Nature reserve




North Lebanon


Sunday May 30st, 2010


Baldati Team


7:30 am  SHARP Bank of Beirut | Administrative Offices | Jdeideh |  Staff Parking

Road to take:

chekka-hadath el jebbeh- Tannourine

Hiking Duration :

3 Hours

Distance :

9 KM

Max Altitude :

1750 m

Min Altitude :

1550 m

Level :

Easy to moderate


This hiking activity is only restricted to Bank of Beirut employees moreover, we will be giving priority to the first 50 replies received. (First In – First Served)


Please feel free to inform your colleagues (who are not Hiking Club members) about this event and about the opportunity to join the club by simply sending an e-mail request to:


PS: Accepted participant(s) can withdraw minimum 4 days prior to the event. Candidates who cancel less than 4 days before the hike set date, or who don't attend, are liable to pay 20$


Best Regards

Return Time

6:30 PM


About the reserve:

Tannourine is home to over 70 000 ancient cedar trees such as the Cedrus libani species, as well as a variety of pines, poplars, and other tree species (Cupressus, Pinus, Abies, Populus).

It is believed that some of these trees can sometimes be aged between 1000 and 2000 years of age. Covering 12 square km, Tannourine Nature Reserve lies in a splendidly beautiful area and protects one of the largest and densest cedar forests in Lebanon.

The area is rocky and mountainous with sharp slopes and a deep valley where cedars defy gravity and grow on extremely vertical slopes.


Beside the 70 000 ancient trees, Tannourine Nature Reserves is also known for its various types of birds such as eagles, owls, robins and wild animals such as hyenas, boars, squirrels, snakes and bats.

This reserve is enriched with floating lakes of water. It has more than one hundred springs and water sources.


About Balou3 Balaa

Balaa is very famous for its 250 meters deep natural sink hole that has been carved by water 160 million years ago! A magnificent waterfall can be observed during winter and spring with water vapors rising up to the surface!

Other descriptions:

Please note that our journey conditions requires that you bring with you:

Clothing: Comfortable Shirt/Pants, Warm jacket, Hat/cap, HIKING BOOTS

Water: 2 liters/person

Food:  High-calorie quick-burn energy food , dried fruit, candy, fruitcake, small sandwiches, nuts, cookies

Other Gear: Backpack, Camera, sunglasses, sunscreen.

For additional information

Please Feel Free to contact Hiking Club Committee on 01-888630

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