Byblos International Festival 2010 (4 participants)
Type: Festival

Starts on: Thursday July 1 2010

From: 08:30 PM-11:30 PM

Departure at 08:30 PM

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Byblos International Festival 2010                               


The Byblos International Festival is a festival that dares to be different. Its mission: to evolve continuously, and promote Culture, Byblos city, and Lebanon's diversity.

2010 PROGRAM. Read more about this year's program on the Festival's Website

- July 1st, 8:30pm - Tribute to Wadih el Safi
- July 9, 8:30pm - Mashrou' Leila
- July 14, 8:30pm - Caetano Veloso
- July 16, 8:30pm - Jesse Cook
- July 20, 8:30pm - Gorillaz
- From July 21 to 25, 8:30pm - Riverdance
- July 26, 8:30pm - Archive
- July 30, 8:30pm - Le Nozze di Figaro

PHILOSOPHY. The philosophy of the Festival may be summarized in four major points: Offering shows of high artistic quality to the largest possible audience; boosting the shows intended for youths; taking on a strong social and economic dimension by including the active forces in town; providing a space for artistic creation and enhancing exchanges between the Lebanese and foreign artists. [more]

OFF BYBLOS FESTIVAL. "OFF Byblos Festival" took place in parallel with Byblos International Festival. It was the first artistic festival in Lebanon that was open to independent young artists, Lebanese and foreigners. It was a foyer for the eclectic artistic creation, with several ambitions, one of which being to let the public meet the underground culture that was heretofore reserved to a limited public. [more]

SOCIAL AND ECONOMIC ROLE. Through "Byblos Festival Village", the Festival also plays a social and economic role in aiming at ensuring interaction between the culture and the local economy; cooperation with the municipal staff, implication of the town's active forces, encouraging a maximum participation on the part of the people of Jbeil… [more]


For more information: +961 9 542020 | Web Site


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