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Starts on: Sunday October 5 2014

From: 08:00 AM-07:00 PM

Departure at 08:00 AM

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Hawqa - Qannoubine

Qadisha Valley


 Baldati Team



Road to take:

Dbayeh - Batroun - Chekka - Koura - Hawka

Road Stops: In Pain D'or

Hiking Duration :

 3 hrs - 10 km

Altitude :

950 m - 1250 m

Level :

5 /10

Contribution :


  1. 16$ : For Student = 25000
  2. 23$ : Before Monday and Card Holders = 35000
  3. 25$ : After Monday = 38000
  4. 27$ : In the bus = 40000
 including:- Baldati fees - Guiding - Transportation


Return time

About 7:00 PM depends on the traffic



The holy valley of Qannoubine

This is a valley quite unlike any other in Lebanon. It is inseparable from the story of a great Nation and of a community, which is unique, the Maronites. One of the jewels of nature in North Lebanon, the valley is hewn from the rock at the foot of the highest peak of the Lebanese mountain chain, Qornet es-Sawda, which rises to 3083 meters.


 The valley of Qadisha, which in Aramaic means the holy or sacred, divides into two branches, the valley of Qozhaya and the valley of Annoubine. Before becoming known near Tripoli to the west as Nahr Abou Ali, a stream grandly called Nahr Qadisha flows along the floor of the valley, which stretches along a rounded trench with 200-meter-high vertical cliffs on either side and then penetrates the mountain mass to a depth of 20 kilometers up the great moraine crowning the famous forest of the many-thousand-year-old Cedars of Lebanon.


The valley of Annoubine begins at an altitude of 900 meters and finally reaches 1,900 up on the slope of Qornet es-Sawda. It is indeed a holy valley, one where every rock, stone, pebble, trunk, tree and grain of earth bears the imprints of a great past civilization, that of the cenobia where cenobite monks lived in small communities, whereas the hermits lived alone.

120 Km from Beirut, classified as world heritage because of its convents and caves made by monks who used to live there in ancient times. 

Saint Marina, story is popular to the point of having become a legend. She remained all her life disguised as a monk and now one may behold the grotto and the oak tree of Saint Marina, the sanctuary being hewn in the rock and having very ancient and badly damaged religious paintings on the walls. There are also the grotto of al-Assi “the resister, the obstinate”, the grotto of Assia, the grotto of Saint Barbara, and others.

At St Antonius Kozhaya there is an interesting museum showing the tools once used in the villages and a printing press with Syriac and Arabic type dating from the 17th century. In fact the valley is renowned for its armed resistance down the centuries to the forays of conquering Arabs, Mamelukes and Turks.

Monastery ST Hawka This little monastery, consisting of a chapel and a few monks' cells, was constructed within a shallow cave. Chroniclers date it to around the end of the 13th century. They also associate the monastery with an attack by armed Mamlukes against the natural fortress of Aassi Hawqa, located in a cave above the monastery. In this fortress, accessible only by experienced rock climbers, there are some paintings and a long Christian inscription in Arabic dating to 1193. Deserted most of the year, the monastery itself becomes the site of pilgrimage during the feast of the Assumption of the Virgin and a high mass is celebrated at the site on the evening of August 14. How to get there: by car from Blawza to Hawqa then a 30 minute walk from Hawqa over a steep path. Or, by a path from the bottom of the valley.

Be ready to join Baldati team to this amazing trip !!

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Your Needs:
  • Clothing: Comfortable Shirt/Pants, Warm jacket, Hat/cap, HIKING BOOTS-A water proof suit will be needed in case of rainy day.
  • Water : at least 1 liters/person
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