SkyFend Technology is the world’s leading provider of C-UAS solutions, focusing on establishing comprehensive all-weather countermeasures systems for various anti-UAV scenarios. Skyfend currently launches anti-UAV jamming guns, anti-UAV jammers, UAV detection radars, and C-UAS software systems.

SkyfendHunter AFA100

Skyfend AFA100 drone jammer is a compact, cost effective, all-in-one anti-drone jammer that can detect and jam the signals of all advanced small unmanned aerial vehicle (SUAV) threats. The device detects drone signals in all directions and provides users with preemptive warnings.

Skyfend AFA100drone signal jammer is equipped with a touch panel so that users can easily access useful information.

Skyfend AFA100 jamming gun will find the drone direction using directional antennae and automatically adapt to the correct jamming frequency to counter drones promptly.


Blader is a portable jammer for SUAVs. Featuring countermeasures for UAV flight control, map transmission, and GNSS bands, it can repel drones or force them to crash to solve the threat of rogue SUAVs.

SkyfendTracer S/P

Skyfend Tracer is a portable UAV detector that effectively receives, analyzes and processes the radio signals of a wide range of UAV models. Skyfend Tracer-P is suitable for extensive and highly maneuverable operations, allowing for deployment in environments that have stringent size, weight and power demands. There are two models for various scenarios.

SkyFendGuider C2

Guider C2 software offers an intuitive and feature-rich software platform, providing C-UAS awareness and reporting capability. Supported by sensor fusion, computer vision, edge computing, machine learning and artificial intelligence, Guider integrates radars, detectors and jammers, consolidating their data into a display. It is always on alert, ensuring round the-clock monitoring of drone threats and effectively mitigating human error.

SkyFendDefender PAR100

Defender is a compact and cost-effective K-band FMCW radar that provides close-range surveillance for land, sea and air applications. It’s ideal for portable scenarios and high-value target defense, such as government buildings, official residences and prisons. It utilizes advanced environmental perception and target recognition algorithms to deliver rapid target detection and deployment capabilities.

Skyfend Spoofer

Spoofer is an advanced GNSS navigation spoofing device engineered explicitly for SUAVs. Its primary purpose is to enforce area denial, redirect drones to predetermined orientations and manipulate their flight paths to designated locations. When combined with radar, spectrum detection devices and jammers, it can cause drones to crash or force them to land at appointed locations.