Saturday, the 20th of December 2008, Baldati joined Souk el Tayeb in Saifi to celebrate the signing of their 1st newborn book "A complete Insiders Guide to Lebanon". This Book is the first one published by Souk el Tayeb press - a new publishing arm created, always supporting and promoting the vision and philosophy of Souk el Tayeb.

Not only this, Souk el Tayeb and its farmers and producers welcomed in Saifi, the Municipality of Hemmena supporting the "Fassoulia Hammaniyeh" prepared and presented by the local citizens of Hemmana.

It was an exciting day, seeing all the people collaborating and working passionately to promote their village, convince the visitors of their healthy vegetables and food and sell their products.

The team of "Baldati" enjoyed meeting with all the farmers and producers and learning how, as an NGO seeking rural, social and environmental development, we can help support and promote their healthy products.

"Market Place" is for now our special tool and feature on to help the producers reach all the homes, the regions and even the countries. Their products will be displayed under “Market Place” on in order to attract people and offer to the producers a new market to sell their goods to a wider range of Lebanese.