Newsletter Feb 08_10

Baldati is an NGO that promotes rural development projects in partnership with local municipalities, NGOs and organizes events and develops capacity building.

Baldati took Lebanon as a pilot project but using it to go regional and serve the entire region.



Recent News The Lebanese Community for Rescue

Citizen Lebanon - 3abir al tawa2ef

Baldati Board elections-2010

NASA: Last decade was warmest ever

Crashed jet's black boxes located

What does iPad mean for designers?

Tips to Improve your Mental Health



Wild Lebanon is a unit devoted to helping promote, preserve and protect the natural, cultural, and historical Lebanese heritage- through socio-economic projects, handicraft enterprises and eco-tourism. It can be the means through which citizens can promote their villages, products, programs and packages.

We have weekly Sunday hiking activities.

Join us this Sunday February 14 Snowshoeing in Arz Al Qobbayat


Discussion of the week

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Dawlat al qanoun

Be careful out there!

GEOCACHING. Hikers will love this game

How can we save our Planet?


Upcoming Events

Neurology conference-EEMCPDM meeting

World Dyslexia Forum


Projects news


Citizen Lebanon

 Citizen Lebanon National Conference news

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Pictures from Hiking Izal-Donnieh

Opportunity Day at Balamand University





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