Nowadays, NGO   sector is booming in Lebanon.

baldati urge all members to be involved in civil society projects join or any other NGO that fits with your objectives 

Different not–for- profit organizations are supplanting the ministry of social affairs in their endeavor to provide services to local communities.

Many types of non-governmental organizations are working to relief Lebanese frustrations, ensure communities needs, respond to urgent obligations and facilitate communication and networking among them.

If Baldati has a moral duty, then we say that it is imperative for it  to portray itself as a portal for any NGO desiring to promote its news, post its achievements and network with other entities  for a better tomorrow.

Hence, pending our posting of the list of organizations, their addresses and contact number , we would be delighted receiving any comment or suggestion.

Please send your comments and suggestions to

or contact Sarita Salameh

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Yara Noon

Yara Noon

Baldati is a remarkable NGO working effectively in Lebanon. While everyone around us is talking about the waste crisis and how the waste is dominating our streets, Baldati is actually working on the ground on recycling initiatives with municipalities. Baldati has highlighted the importance of coordination between NGOs, the society, and the government. It has shown us the future consequences that will happen if we don't work together on 1 effective solution. The waste crisis will lead to a lesser touristic importance for Lebanon, an economic problem, an environmental one too, demolishing of our natural resources, a social revolution, and of course several other ones.

I love my country, i love its people and i am going to offer this essay below to them.

As I close my eyes, I feel the air on my face and the smell of roses and lilies. I open my eyes and observe the marvelous view of the sun setting on the horizon. The chill air sends tingles up my spine alerting my body and reminding me of what a wonderful world it is.

Millions of years ago god created earth to be an oasis to human kind. People took advantage of god’s goodness and turned this beautiful sanctuary into an ugly repulsive piece of land where mankind is brought to life, fed, reproduced, and repeats. Today my home, the land I breathe and live from, is being destroyed, burned in the flames, and being shattered in millions of pieces. What I regret the most is that we did this to ourselves. Although today there are many people that realize that we need a change, still there are even more people that simply do not care. My land, my country, my people, are suffering every day battling through giving the coming generations a hint of what our true land is ,or shall I say used to be. I have a dream that one day we will be able to eat fish and meat without getting poisoned. I have a dream that one day my children will not have to live in a world where breathing can destroy their lives. I have a dream that men and women would live in harmony on a planet where there diseases will not wipe out the whole human race. Is it a disgrace if I dream of a true land?

Suddenly I hear a large truck pass by honking and disturbing my peace and quiet. As I inhale the air in I feel the poison being absorbed through my lungs and transported to every cell in my body slowly ripping my God given gift from me and I think to myself is it really a wonderful world?
Laugh Association

Laugh Association

Laugh Association:
“Laugh association” works for the
advancement of equality, social justice and respect for children’s
dignity in Lebanon through several projects.
“Laugh association”
found out that, for now the most important issue to tackle is children
with physical disabilities. Events and projects are organized to
integrate children with physical disabilities in the Lebanese society.
This is achieved by empowering children with physical disabilities.

Integrating disabled children in the society:

1) Adapt homes, schools to welcome children with physical disabilities
2) Encourage children with physical disabilities to perform sports
3) Integrate children with physical disabilities in the society
4) Awareness campaign about physical disabilities

Sponsorship for:
To enable children with physical
disabilities to live their lives as normally as possible, by organizing
cultural, social, and educational events to allow them experience the
Electrical and electronically functioning wheelchairs
To enable children with physical disabilities be fully independent,
electrical and electronically functioning wheelchairs are a must. These
will help them move freely and go whenever and wherever they want.
House adaptation:
Children with physical disabilities are deprived from being independent
in their homes; this puts lots of stress and frustration on the child
and his family. Each and every child has the right for an independent
and better future. Laugh association ensures that each child with
physical disabilities lives independently in his own house without
needing help from his parents.
To enable children
with physical disabilities to live freely without worrying about
stairs, Laugh association equips buildings with elevators. This way the
child will not miss any activities, events or school.

Contact Us: 71 98 98 42
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Ziad Mikhael Akl

Ziad Mikhael Akl

According to a new study in Lebanon, Only 54% of Lebanese knew the phone number 140 of the Red Cross.

What are the needed measures to make this number known by the vast majority of Lebanese people?

Pascale El Dib

Pascale El Dib

Dear Ziad..

NO informations without formations.. Lot of institutions should have something to do

shools, univ, medias,