In 1973, J.A.D "Jeunesse Anti drogue" (Youth Against Drugs) was established as a non-profit organization for social welfare, and it has received official recognition from the Lebanese ministry of the interior (number 164). J.A.D is a member of the National association for anti-drug. The administrative council consists of a president, and 13 members ranging from doctors, lawyers, engineers, professors and students, who believe in the duties and achievements of J.A.D.

J.A.D. is the sole organization working in Lebanon for the welfare of the society to create awareness among non-addicts, and provide prevention and healing means for the once addicted individuals.

Following are our goals:
services, activities, achievements and future scope for a better non-addicted society. We seek your assistance and support to fight drugs and other social vices, and to continue its sacred mission to service the Lebanese youth.


To protect, support, guide and rehabilitate the drug-addicted.
To cooperate with the public and private associations, committees, universities, institutions and schools in offering consultation services and expertise; and to conduct lectures and seminars to help and protect the Lebanese youth from drugs.To reduce criminal actions resulting from drugs.

To secure the reputation of L struction of the life, soul, and spirit of the addicted individual. As well as those who live with the addiction, or who are pushed by ignorance and aggression to fall into its hell; and those who commit crimes or even suicide as a result of intense shame associated with drug addiction. Throughout the long years of care and effort, J.A.D staff has discovered that the destructiveness of drug addiction affects every sector and level of contemporary Lebanese society.

During the current academic year (1973-99) JAD has mounted a campaign against smoking and tabbaco addiction, through which it informed the general public about the various diseases resulting from smoking. Chief among these diseases is "Cancer" which claims the lives of 2000 Lebanese citizens in Lebanon. In addition to the continuing focus on drug addiction and the prevention of the transmission of the human virus which causes aids. ebanon and change its war damaged image.When founded, J.A.D has vowed to protect the Lebanese society against the catastrophe of drug addiction. Drug destroys collective life, beginning with the de

The composition of J.A.D

J.A.D consists of the following individuals and bodies:

Joseph C. Hawat, President.
- The higher administrative council, which consists of 24 experts serving on the following committees:

Medical Committee
Educational and Social Committee, which publishes a magazine
Information Committee
Public Relations Committee
Environment Committee
International Relations Committee, whose members attend regional and international

Conferences and Seminars

J.A.D. performs awareness campaigns throughout Lebanon by means of posters, lectures, seminars and distribution of brochures to warn


contact person : joseph hawat : +961 (9) 942856