Launching 2011

Dear all is preparing the launching of Baldati Academy project "" established in 2009 as an ongoing program .

the aim of this program is to create a job opportunity fo members that have training skills, also for the organization to create a sustainable income to support its initiatives, and at the end provide for all members and friends a service that can be with a high quality and very reasonable cost affordable to all.

  1. we are seeking for new courses that can be given on
  2. Also we are seeking for trainers that can teach those courses online and offline.
  3. members can propose courses they feel it is important for their careers or to improve their general knowledge.
  4. Start registring in this section and comment.
  5. courses proposed till now : excel, word, access , ... and all microsoft softwares.
  6. courses related to general technology knowledge like : GPS , GIS, communications....
  7. courses related to NGO domain like : capacity building, rural development, physical skills , municiaplity law, proposal writing...

for more info call 04-922999 03-666565 or